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Over the years SIA EVEX has gathered valuable experience in providing fumigation services for different products. That allows us to provide consultations, offer competitive prices, quality services
and quick execution. 
For grain and feed fumigation we are certified members of GAFTA ( association as assurance that we do professional work and provide the best services for International grain and feed trade.

Our main territory of operations is Latvia (ports of Riga, Ventspils and Liepāja) and extend our services to all Baltic states. 
We are certified for fumigation treatment of cargoes loaded in: 
- sea containers (20', 40'DV and HC, 45')
- ship holds
- wagons or trucks
- warehouses (loose, in boxes or sacks)
- silos
- or other suitable and sealed environment
Treatment can be applied to any goods, those include round logs, pulpwood, wood chips, other timber products, as well as grain, peanuts, peas, tobacco and other products according to client's request. Main chemicals for fumigation treatment are Phosphine based gases.

After treatment a certificate of fumigation is issued. We also assist in obtaining phytosanitary certificate. 

All works are done according to state regulations and best safety practices (concentration measurements and protective equipment provided). 

You are welcome to get in touch with us for questions and requests for quotation!