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Wood species: White Birch (Latvia origin).
Sawn timber

Sawn timber can be produced and supplied according to your requirements. Most common quality of sawn timber is 3 to 4 sides clear material - it means that there are not accepted any knots or just some knots, without cracks, heartwood and other defects. 

'Frame grade' and different other quality classes according to European standards are available as well.

Standard thicknesses: 19, 25, 32, 50mm.
Standard widths: 25 - 100mm.
Lengths are available up to 3000mm.

Moisture content:  fresh sawn or Kiln Dried to 18%, 12% or 8%.

Our sawn timber is used as raw material for packing, flooring, kitchen cabinet, door and stair rail production.

We supply Kiln Dried unedged Birch lumber for Asia market:
QUALITY: ABC grade mixed, cut out from quality logs with diameter from 20cm+up, red heart plank and coloration not exceed 5% of total quantity. 
Kiln dried to 6-10% moisture level at loading. 
Width: free, 100mm and up, including 80-99mm up to 5%. 
Lengths : 2.0-3.1M, positive tolerance 50-100mm. 
Lengths in range of 1.0 – 2.0M is acceptable not more than 15% from the total quantity. 
Thickness: 20 - 40mm with positive tolerance +1-2mm.
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