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Glued Panels

We supply glued panels that can be produced according to your specification. 
Panels are available from Solid and Finger-Jointed lamellas.

Quality classes: A/A (knotless), A/B, B/B, B/C, C/C.

Maximum panel dimensions: 45 x 1220 x 6000mm for Figer-Jointed in length.

Glued beam dimensions: 40 x 40mm, 60 x 60mm, 90 x 90mm and any other.
Standard lamella dimensions: 20 x 45mm, 20 x 70mm, 40 x 45mm and other.
Most common panel thicknesses: 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 40mm, 45mm.

Wood species: Birch, Brown Ash, Oak, Pine.
     Panels are mostly supplied to door producers and furniture producers for chair parts and as table-tops. The panels are
also often used in stair production for steps, strings and handrails.

     Please send us your specific inquiry for panels and we will come back to you with our possibilities and our best offers
     for you!

     Birch Glued Panels:

     Ash Glued Panels:                             Pine Glued Panels: